Montreal Rejuvenation

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Video TestimonialsThe concept of rejuvenation nowadays is not to make a 70 year-old person appear 30. Rather, current trends in beauty are such that most people do not seek to appear too much younger than their age, but wish to turn the clock back enough to regain the glow of youth. People wish to have their facial appearance reflect how youthful and vibrant they feel inside.

The treatments that we use to rejuvenate the face have evolved dramatically over time. It used to be thought that rejuvenation consisted of performing a facelift to turn the clock back 10 or 15 years. Today, rejuvenation is an overall vision that can encompass a combination of treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. Our approach evolved as a result of our increased knowledge about facial aging, advances in surgical techniques, new technologies, and a trend in society where patients seek more natural results and wish to avoid a "stretched" look.

Montreal Plastic Surgery

Dr. Samaha performs a wide range of procedures, either alone or in combination, to address his patients' rejuvenation needs and wishes. The surgical procedures include eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), forehead or brow lift, facelift, and neck lift. Non-surgical procedures include skin fillers, fat transfer, Botox® / Dysport®, and skin resurfacing (chemical peels, dermabrasion).

All our procedures are performed in our facial plastic surgery centre. Our specialty is the minimally invasive approach which emphasizes an exceptional result with a fast and painless recovery. Dr. Samaha uses advanced minimally-invasive techniques for his surgical procedures. We favor anesthesia with sedation rather than a general anesthetic. This allows patients to have a smoother experience and fast recovery, while enjoying a pleasing esthetic result.

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